Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Random House Offering Refund!!!

Read the article here. Apparently Random House is offering a refund to people who purchased a copy of A Million Little Pieces. The article says this move is unprecedented. If you purchased the book from a retailer though, don't expect quite the polite service. This refund only applies to books purchased directly from Random House. I don't even understand this. Who in the crap thinks to themselves "Hmm, that book I heard about on Oprah sounds great. I think I'll call Random House and order up a copy!" Answer? No one, that's who. We all go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles or freaking Wal-Mart or Target or or our local bookstore but we never, ever, ever call up the publishing house. Seems like they're trying to come off as nice guys without actually giving up that much. Hmm, how about just taking that money that you would pay out and hiring a person to validate your author's stories before you pay him to write his memoirs?!?!?! I honestly think sometimes that two drunk monkeys could run most of the media companies in this country.


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