Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oprah defends Frey on LKL

Transcript can be found here. Why can't big-time celebs ever admit their mistakes? The guy clearly lied, made up stuff, embellished. Alot of people were taken by the whole thing, 3.5 million and counting to date. Just because you're a HUGE force in media doesn't mean you're always right. The thing that sickens me most is the fact that he took a real event that he had nothing to do with (the girl who is killed in the car/train accident) and makes himself a third victim just to sell books. His lies have changed lives, so the ends must justify the means??? Ever thought about the addict who found comfort in Frey's book, was able to find the strength to kick the habit and now it comes out that his story is not so credible??? They can't believe they've been duped AGAIN! Not by the drugs or the alcohol this time, but by someone claiming to have once been in the same boat they find themselves in currently. If he lied about doing time, maybe he's lying about being able to stay sober this long? Maybe I can't really stay sober. Maybe I should just give up. That's right, stand by your man Oprah.


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